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1917a1 REPLICA 1919 Semi lock frame 1919A4 Linker
1917a1 REPLICA1919 Semi lock frame1919A4 Linker

Replica 1917A1, made from aluminum and steel. Comes powder coated like you see. This can not be made to fire live ammo. No parts will interchange with a real 1917A1.  Call for details.

1919 Semi auto lock frame

1919 Linker

ANM2 Spade grip handles W/ ferrel cuts 1917A1 Water plug 1917A1 Windage screw
ANM2 Spade grip handles W/ ferrel cuts1917A1 Water plug1917A1 Windage screw

Spade grip handles made from Walnut.

Water Plug for the 1917, 1917A1, 1928 Colt etc. New made. Brass plug with Formed red plastic material and riveted on with brass rivets like the originals. Price is for one plug.

1917A1 Windage screw, new made in the white.