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ANM2 Replica Machine Gun M-60 gooseneck pintle M-60 PINTLE
ANM2 Replica Machine GunM-60 gooseneck pintleM-60 PINTLE

A specific aircraft version of the .30 caliber Model 1919A4 was manufactured by Browning as the .30 AN/M2. It had a thinner barrel and receiver walls to keep down weight. It was used on US aircraft early in World War II I have been working to...

M-60 pintle

M-60 platform PINTLE

M122 Tripod Head 1917a1 REPLICA MG42 Mount adapter
M122 Tripod Head1917a1 REPLICAMG42 Mount adapter

Original M122 tripod head. Use it to assemble your on or replace a bad one. some might be rusty from sitting

Replica 1917A1, made from aluminum and steel. Comes powder coated like you see. This can not be made to fire live ammo. No parts will interchange with a real 1917A1.  Call for details.

MG42 Mount adapter for the MG42 tripod

Replica 1919A4 .30 CAL
Replica 1919A4 .30 CAL

Replica 1919 A4 .30 CAL