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Replica .50 CAL M2-HB 1919A4 stripped top cover 1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker
Replica .50 CAL M2-HB1919A4 stripped top cover1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker

Replica .50 CAL M2-HB

1919A4 stripped top cover

1919 Linker

ANM2 Replica Machine Gun M-60 PINTLE M122 Tripod Head
ANM2 Replica Machine GunM-60 PINTLEM122 Tripod Head

A specific aircraft version of the .30 caliber Model 1919A4 was manufactured by Browning as the .30 AN/M2. It had a thinner barrel and receiver walls to keep down weight. It was used on US aircraft early in World War II

M-60 platform PINTLE

Original M122 tripod head. Use it to assemble your on or replace a bad one. some might be rusty from sitting

1917a1 REPLICA MG42 Mount adapter M-6 FLASH HIDER
1917a1 REPLICAMG42 Mount adapterM-6 FLASH HIDER

Replica 1917A1, made from aluminum and steel. Comes powder coated like you see. This can not be made to fire live ammo. No parts will interchange with a real 1917A1.  Call for details.

MG42 Mount adapter for the MG42 tripod


Replica 1919A4 .30 CAL
Replica 1919A4 .30 CAL

Replica 1919 A4 .30 CAL