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    1919A4 Tall mount M2 Tripod 1919A4, 1919A6 bipod
    1919A4 Tall mountM2 Tripod1919A4, 1919A6 bipod

    1919A4 Mount, For shooting in a standing position. Uses a standard 30/50 pintle or with the ammo link tray as pictured. Price is for the mount without the link tray, you can add that as a option, or with a pintle. The mount has the socket welded...

    New M2 tripod. These are Refurbished and parkerized.   Pintle is Shown and  can be added. T&E bar is adjustable, and has graduations on it. They use a brass bushing.

    These will work with the 1919A4 etc.

    1919A4, A6 bipod

    M-60 PINTLE M122 Tripod Head
    M-60 PINTLEM122 Tripod HeadM3 tripod head stamping

    M-60 platform PINTLE

    Original M122 tripod head. Use it to assemble your on or replace a bad one. some might be rusty from sitting

    M3 tripod head stamping

    MG42 Mount adapter T&E PIN 1919A4 Technical Manual
    MG42 Mount adapterT&E PIN1919A4 Technical Manual

    MG42 Mount adapter for the MG42 tripod

    T&E PIN, NEW

    1919A4 Technical Manual

    Ammo/link tray With Shield Pintle Bolt and nut T&E,  30 CAL
    Ammo/link tray With ShieldPintle Bolt and nutT&E, 30 CAL

    Ammo link tray for the M2 tripod with a shield.

    Pintle Bolt and nut


    M2 Tripod Ammo and Link Tray Data Plate A.M.C. M122 tripod Data plate A.M.C. with serial number
    M2 Tripod Ammo and Link TrayData Plate A.M.C. M122 tripodData plate A.M.C. with serial number

    M2 tripod Ammo, and link tray

    Data Plate A.M.C.

    Data plate A.M.C. with serial number

    Data plate Bingham Stamping Co. Data Plate Lovell MFG 30 CAL PINTLE BUSHING
    Data plate Bingham Stamping Co.Data Plate Lovell MFG30 CAL PINTLE BUSHING

    M2 Tripod data plate, Bingham Stamping Co.

    M2 tripod data plate. Lovell MFG Co.