.30 BMG Cloth Ammo belt 1919A4 30-06 linker 1919A4 Linker with powder coating
.30 BMG Cloth Ammo belt1919A4 30-06 linker1919A4 Linker with powder coating

.30 cal Browning machine gun 250 round cloth

New 1919A4 linker that uses 30-06 links. 20 at a time or less if you load them from the center out. You will lay the links in line with the ammo behind them, and pull the handle towards the front. You only want to seat the ammo up to the flare on...Same as the other linker I sell, loads 7.62x51, 30-06, 8mm or any others on 7.62 links. It will not link using the 30-06 links as well. you may be able to do 5 or so. Linker is powder coated, color may vary some from the one pictured. When...
1919A4 Technical Manual 1919A4 Linker 30-06 links
1919A4 Technical Manual1919A4 Linker30-06 links

1919A4 Technical Manual

1919 Linker

US GI LINKS, for 30-06. 20 ct per order

M2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray
M2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray

M2 tripod Ammo, and link tray