.30 BMG Cloth Ammo belt 1919A4 30-06 linker Maxim Belt linker
.30 BMG Cloth Ammo belt1919A4 30-06 linkerMaxim Belt linker

.30 cal Browning machine gun 250 round cloth

New 1919A4 linker that uses 30-06 links. 20 at a time.


7.62x54R Linker for the Maxim, PKM metal links. Will work for Vickers converted to 7.62x54R also if you run these links.

1919A4 Technical Manual 1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker 30-06 links
1919A4 Technical Manual1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker30-06 links

1919A4 Technical Manual

1919 Linker

US GI LINKS, for 30-06. 100 ct per order

1 pound .762 LINKS M2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray
1 pound .762 LINKSM2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray

.762x51 LINKS

M2 tripod Ammo, and link tray