M2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray

M2 Tripod Ammo can and Link Tray
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  • Item #: ammo holder

This is for the M2 tripod. It is set up to hold 120 rounds of linked 30-06, or .308 ammo. The tray on the left holds the linked ammo, and the right side for the links. There are windows cut on the sides, and back to see how many rounds you have in the tray, and how many links have piled up on the right. The tray moves with the gun left and right. The gun is still adjustable up and down. The tray will not interfere with the movement of the gun. It comes with a 30 cal pintle welded in, All you do is drop it in the tripod, with the bolt out, drop in the gun, replace the bolt. These are made from 12 gauge steel, and welded together. There is also a deflector made into it, This will deflect the shells just enough to keep the dings off of the tripod. It comes in flat black, OD green, unpainted, or parkerized. Parker increases the price.

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