1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker

1919A4 7.62 x 51 Linker
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  • Item #: 1919A4 Linker

 1919 Linker, Push Type, All metal construction. 20 rnds. per throw. Loads 7.62x51, 30-06, 8mm, 54R all on .762 links.  will not work with 30-06 links.



When loading, if you notice the last picture it shows how far they need to seat in the links. also, load from the center out if doing only 10 at a time.

These use material Made in the USA, I make them so they are 100% made in the USA. 

You will lay the links in line with the ammo behind them, and pull the handle towards the


front. You only want to seat the ammo up to the flare on the links.  Each comes engraved as you


see it, the handle and linkages are  coated.

If it shows out of stock, I am not adding parts to this page, I Have a new site, this shopping cart page will end in June of 2023.   Please shop the new site at www.ironcreationsllc.com







There are 2 style linkers to load the 2 style links. They can not be interchanged. 30-06 links only work well


with 30-06 ammunition. If you use others they may not seat correctly.


Now here is where it gets more confusing. You can buy 7.62x51 Linker and links and be able to load 7.62,


30-06 and 8mm. Using Israeli links. But it will not work with 30-06 links.


If you want to use the 30-06 links you may have, it will require purchasing the linker for those links. There is

no way to make a universal linker to do both.


 These linkers will also not work with M60 links.

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