Ammo/link tray With Shield

Ammo/link tray With Shield
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  • Item #: ammo holder W SHIELD

Ammo link tray for the M2 tripod with a shield on the front. This style is like my other link tray, holds the same amount of ammo,(about120 rounds or so) and can catch the links on the right side. The gun fits through the hole. The tray has a pintle welded in.  This item ships in its own box. it comes painted flat black or OD green.. It is 22 1/4" wide x 7" deep x about 8" tall. These are made when ordered. The tray holds the ammo. you lay the ammo in the tray. Ammo Cans will not fit in the tray.   Due to a increase in sales, expect approx 1 to 3 weeks before it ships. Sorry, for the delay, sales have increased and I am trying to keep up best I can. 

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