.762 LINKS

.762 LINKS
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(1) 1 pounds of LINKS, There is approx. 100 links to 1 pound. ( 7.62x51) there is not 762 links in the box, they are 7.62 that is what they fit,  THESE WORK WITH .308,(7.62x51) 30-06, or 8mm. THESE ARE NEW 7.62 x 51 Links. These work with the 1919A4 7,62 Linkers I sell. These are getting harder to get. if it shows back order, it will be few days. I have noticed a few other links mixed in occasionally, They were probably like that in Israel, and imported that way. getting low

If on back order, I am not adding parts to this page, I Have a new site, this shopping cart page will end in June of 2023.   Please shop the new site at www.ironcreationsllc.com

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