ANM2 Replica Machine Gun

ANM2 Replica Machine Gun
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 The standard configuration is no handles, fixed version. Next will be like the one with black plastic handles adds $50.00, add wood handles and it will be $90 more, add the Retracting slide group, and it will be $90.00  more.  I will fit the parts when ordered. colors vary some, just like in real parts, they are not all one of the same color.



A specific aircraft version of the .30 caliber Model 1919A4 was manufactured by Browning as the .30 AN/M2. It had a thinner barrel and receiver walls to keep down weight. It was used on US aircraft early in World War II

I have been working to develop a more accurate and BATF Compliant Browning ANM2 Dummy/Display Gun for Warbird restorations.  The BATF continues to makes recommendations on how dummy/display machine guns must be made and this has always been a concern for us.  This new and improved ANM2 display gun is made with half inch thick left and right sideplates, which are recommended by the BATF.

Each one is hand assembled using steel, and 6061 aluminum CNC machined parts, and powder coated for durability associated with the harsh environments they may encounter. 

I will have options to the base model if needed.

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